Who is Prime?

Prime is lending money to a project company undertaking a large scale infrastructure project in the UK. We do this by issuing corporate bonds which offer attractive returns to investors through an efficient tax-free ISA.

What are the returns?

The Prime IFISA yields an annual interest rate of 7%.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is £2,000.

Does the development project aim to raise a certain amount of capital before commencing?

No. Your money is invested by the project developer as soon as the transfer is received. A detailed specification and schedule of works are already complete, and contractors have been sourced to carry out work. Funds are transferred each month to cover the cost of on-going work, including site meetings, manufacturing, building work, planning and more.

Ways capital is protected?

Protective measures are in place to help safeguard investors' capital. The borrower has undergone thorough due diligence and must meet a strict maximum 75% loan-to-value criteria to provide investor security. The security is placed in trust by an independent security trustee and held as security against the loan. Prime's assets are also held in trust to further safeguard investors in case either the borrowing company or Prime fails to meet its commitments.

Could the investment be affected by currency fluctuations?

No. Your investment is in £GBP with no exposure to other currencies and all interest is paid in £GBP.

Will I own company shares?

No. Your IFISA is a corporate bond ultimately secured against company assets.

Is it a property investment?

No, your corporate bond is ultimately secured against the assets of the project developer.

What happens if Prime doesn’t lend money to the operating company?

If for any reason your money is not lent to the project developer within 90 days of us receiving it, we will return the money to your account. In the unlikely event of this happening, you will not receive any interest on your capital.

Can I change my mind?

If you decide you'd prefer not to go ahead with the investment, you can cancel within 14 calendar days of opening your account. Just let us know by phone, email, or in writing. If you decide to cancel, any money transferred to your IFISA account is credited to your investment account, which you can use according to the General Investor Terms and Conditions.

Can I withdraw funds early?

Bonds are considered non-readily releasable investments. You should expect to hold them for the full three-year term, although you may be able to find an investor willing to purchase the bonds from you. You can also request early redemption of your investment, including payment of interest accrued until the requested redemption date. The Directors intend that any such requests will be met where possible. However, early redemption is at the director's discretion and will incur an early redemption penalty of 8%.

I’d like to invest – what are the next steps?

Once you've read through this website, just apply online here