Investment Project

The project is the state-of-the-art Data Centre refurbishment located in the North of England (a project which already holds an asset value of over £54 million). Another firm in the Prime group also intend to fund the Waste To Energy plant situated on the South Coast which is due to commence Q1 2018.

One of the special features of our investment is that it is asset backed from day one, and this is pledged legally to all investors. We are committed to providing as much security as possible to our investors, and ensuring the project is asset backed, is our commitment to you.

We will not commence the project without conducting high levels of due diligence, and we won’t commit to the project unless the original asset valuations have been scrutinised and the project extensively modelled.

Prime investors would be helping to author an inspiring story with the transformation of the Wythenshawe Data Centre. With an experienced development team at the helm, we’re confident there’s no-one better placed to undertake this transformation.

Upon completion, the data centre will reclaim its rightful place as an historic part of Britain’s IT infrastructure, placing Manchester on the map as a tech powerhouse.

Richard Healey - Prime Director

Computer Centre Wythenshawe

Computer Centre

Wythenshawe, Manchester

The Wythenshawe Data Centre is the project, which is already valued at £55.4m before work even commences. By the end of the project, the asset valuation is expected to rise to over £133m.

The data centre will be one of the most technologically advanced centres in the UK; placing Manchester on the map as a Tech Powerhouse.

  • Development timeline
  • 2 years*
  • Minimum investment
  • £2,000

Waste to Energy Project

Waste to Energy Project

South Coast (Coming soon)

Another firm in the Prime group intends to fund this project. With a potential to produce up to 10 megawatts of electricity, the Waste To Energy project will be of significant benefit to the national grid.

Alongside this, the Waste To Energy project will also have the option to supply the ‘green’ power that will be produced to the Data Centre in Manchester.

  • Development timeline
  • 3 years*