The Prime IFISA

Prime’s Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is unique. In fact, we’re not aware of any other ISA which supports projects of this kind.

The investment offers a generous 7% per annum interest rate over three years. And because it comes in an ISA wrapper, any earnings are tax free!

Investment Interest Total Return including Principal Capital
£10,000 £2,100 £12,100
£20,000 £4,200 £24,200
£30,000 £6,300 £36,300
Prime ISA Investment Highlights

Investment Highlights

Hidden Charges

Unlike many other investments in the market, there are no fees involved when signing up to Prime.


Prime offers a generous 7% annual interest rate. That’s a 21% return over 3 years.

Tax-Free Earnings

Transfer your existing ISA or set up a new ISA and benefit from tax free returns on your money. The yearly ISA allowance is currently set at £20,000 per annum.

Low Minimum Investment

Low minimum buy-in of just £2,000.

Online Portfolio

View and manage your investment through our secure online portal. You’ll also have a dedicated account manager on hand to answer any queries.


The funds raised by way of bonds through the ISA are asset backed, meaning the funds we loan out are secured against the project company's assets.

Industry Leaders

We partner only with industry-leading developers with provable track records delivering large-scale projects like the Wythenshawe Data Centre.

How it Works

When an investor purchases the Prime bond, monies will be securely loaned to the project company in order to finance the Wythenshawe Data Centre project.

At the end of the term, the loan is repaid in full including interest by the borrower (Project Company). Prime will repay the investor their original loan together with the accrued interest of 21%.

What to Expect

  • Prime ISA Personal Account Manager

    Personal Account Manager

    You’ll be allocated a dedicated personal account manager to answer any queries and questions.

  • Prime ISA Online Access

    Online Access

    Track your investment on the web at any time, using our online portfolio platform.

  • Prime ISA Excellent Returns

    Excellent Returns

    Receive 21% interest at the end of the term.

The Prime Process

  • Prime Bond

    The Bondholder invests in a Prime Bond. We've packaged the investment in a tax-free ISA wrapper to make your money work even harder.

  • fund the Wythenshawe Data Centre project

    Prime will use the monies raised from bond's to securely loan to the Project Company, in order to fund the Wythenshawe Data Centre project.

  • repays the loan to Prime with interest

    The company repays the loan to Prime with interest.

  • Prime ISA accrued interest of 21%

    Prime repays your original investment plus the accrued interest of 21%

Investment Security

Prime takes the safety of your money as seriously

Prime takes the safety of your money as seriously as you do. As part of our unwavering commitment to investment security, we ensure that funds raised from the bond are asset backed.

Asset-Backed Investments

Perhaps the best analogy for an asset-backed model is a secured loan. The money raised from Prime investment bonds is secured against the borrowers assets.

Prime offers significant asset-backing to bond holders from day one. The loan made by Prime is structured so it will never exceed a 75% loan to value ratio based upon a valuation undertaken by independent experts.

The project ultimately funded by Prime has an initial, independent valuation of £55.4m prior to the commencement of any works. Throughout the renovation/build process the value of the Wythenshawe Data Centre will increase month on month to its completion valuation. Upon completion, the Wythenshawe Data Centre has been independently valued at £133,450,000 which means that the LTV (loan to value) will be less than 40%. The valuation has been undertaken on the existing IT/computer space which amounts to circa 40,000 square feet, whereas the new design incorporates circa 60,000 square feet of IT/computer space which adds significantly to the valuation.

We believe this independent valuation to be conservative as the new design being commissioned increases the usable IT/computer space considerably.

As the project progresses all money spent on the the project legally vests onto the asset register, which further adds to the securitisation of your investment.

In the unlikely event of insolvency, Prime would draw on several sources to meet its capital repayment obligations:

  • Accumulated profits
  • Repayment of loan capital
  • Sale of loan security assets
  • Liquidation of the Project Company's assets
Prime ultimately builds in security for bondholders

Safe Hands

Prime ultimately builds in security for bondholders through the asset-backed investments. There are some other crucial ways that Prime looks to mitigate risk and provide a robust investment experience for bondholders.

Independent Security Trustee

Prime has appointed More Group Capital Services as independent security trustee to hold security for repayment of the Bonds. This is a fixed and floating charge over the assets and undertaking of Prime. Prime in turn has taken security over the assets of the Project Company, with facility to take a legal charge on real property held by the Project Company in the future.

Detailed Due Diligence

The borrowing company undergoes a thorough due diligence process and creditworthiness audit to determine its viability. Not a single penny is transferred until the company meets intensive security and legal vetting and Prime is satisfied that the company can meet our strict 75% asset-to-loan criteria.

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